Yahoo mail- How to disable updates for social features

Disable Updates for Social Features

Social media can be considered as one of the greatest advancements of the modern world. With the help of the social media, you can constantly stay in touch with your near and dear ones, keep updated with their lives, let others know what's happening in your life and so much more.

Social media has literally opened the gates of the entire world to you, which was not at all possible earlier. But like every other thing, this too comes with certain drawbacks and distractions.

One such thing which is very annoying is getting an update on your yahoo mail account even for the smallest of the things happening on your social media accounts. Since everyone one is using more than one social media platforms your inbox might just get flooded with social media emails at all times. But in order to save yourself the horror you can follow the below-mentioned steps and stop such mails from flooding your inbox.

In order to disable the updates for social media:

1.Login to your yahoo mail account using your yahoo mail user id and password.
2.Click on Options> More options.
3.Select "General" tab.
4.Uncheck the box next to "Enable updates".

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