How to enable Preview Pane on Yahoo mail to view emails

Preview Pane feature of Yahoo Mail enables users to do multiple things at one time. Suppose if a user feels the need to scroll through his/her inbox while reading a mail. No worries, it is possible, but he/she will have to enable the Preview Pane feature on their Yahoo Mail account.

The procedure to enable Preview pane is as follows

  1. Got to Settings Menu

  2. Under Settings Menu, select Settings option

  3. Now click on Viewing email

  4. In the Preview Pane drop-down menu, there are many options available

  • None- this option disable preview pane

  • Preview Pane on Right- it displays preview on the bottom of the message list

  • The preview pane on the bottom- displays preview below a message list at the bottom

  • You can easily customize the settings of Preview pane

  • You can increase or decrease the size of the pane according to your will

  • Put your mouse on the line that divides the message list from Preview pane

  • Click and drag bar Up/down or Left/ Right or double click an email to fill the area with it.

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