How to enable On-demand password feature in Yahoo! Mail

It is very difficult for a user to remember so many passwords at one time. So yahoo introduced an on demand password system to exempt users from remembering the password of their webmail account. You will have to link your phone with Yahoo mail account. Whenever you will have to login to your account, Yahoo will send you a code via SMS. You will have to enter that code in place of password to get access to your account.

Since the code will be send to you on your phone, this method is considered a safe way to log in to your account. It is said that best password is that which changes every time because you are the only one who knows it.

The possible disadvantage of the on-demand password is if a user forgets or loses phone. So you have to disable Preview SMA Messages on lock screen and use a lock code to lock your phone.

The procedure to enable On-Demand Password in Yahoo! Mail is as follows:

  1. At the top of the Yahoo mail sign in page, tap on your name

  2. Follow Account Info link

  3. Under Account Info Link, go to Account Security category

  4. If prompted, type your credentials to sign into your Yahoo mail

  5. Under On-demand Passwords, follow get started link

  6. Now press on Set up on -demand passwords

  7. Now enter a phone number under Let's get started option

  8. Click on Send SMS. A code will be send to your number

  9. Type this code and click on Submit Code.

  10. Under Review Account Recovery information, verify Recovery information

  11. Click either on 'Looks Good' or on 'Got it'

  12. Ensure you create passwords for all programs you intend to use with Yahoo either through POP or IMAP.   

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