How to Create Email Signature on Yahoo! Mail?

This post will guide you on how to create email signature on Yahoo! Mail. If you want to include your signature at the end when you send an email, in the form of your name, contact information or a meaningful quote, you can always do it with Yahoo! mail. You can create a signature so that you don't have to include your name or contact details every time you send an email. So set a signature on Yahoo! mail, read the below mentioned steps.

1. Click on the gear icon representing 'Settings'.

2. Then go to 'Accounts'.

3. Select your Yahoo! account.

4. Click on 'Append a signature to the emails you send.' You can also send a latest tweet of your as a signature.

5. Type your signature in the 'signature field'.

6. Click on 'save' to save your settings.

How to Edit a Signature?

1. Click on 'Settings'.

2. Go to 'Accounts'.

3. Select your 'Yahoo! account'.

4. Do the editing you want in the signature field.

5. Click on 'Save' to save the settings.

6. Uncheck the checkbox given against 'Append a signature to the emails you send' to disable the signature in each and every email you send.

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